Unveiling Secrets From The Heart - $19.95

Unveiling Secrets From The HeartValorie N. Parker shares the power of becoming free with her second book release, "Unveiling Secrets From The Heart, Forgiving Your Past to Free Your Future". She held a secret of domestic abuse for over 17 years, and now the secret is out..

"We’ve all had emotional trauma of some kind and in our lives. They can come from an unhappy childhood to a bad relationship or experience. We have learned to suppress our emotions. As a result of suppressed emotions we react in our daily lives with hidden anger and resentment in our vault of secrets. "Unveiling Secrets From the Heart, taps into just about every situation that you can think of in our personal lives. It also talks about drug addiction, secret love affairs, extra marital affairs and molestation. Additional authors in this book are Les Brown, Keither & Tawana Williams, Dwight & Sadie Pledger & Dr. Sherron Patterson, forward by Malik Yoba.

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