Unlimited Possibilites

Unlimited Possibilites, The Roadmap to RestorationExcerpt Chapter 4 -THOUGHTS

Our wealth is based on our ability to think. We have to renew our mind with good thoughts and process them mentally. What we think of ourselves is what’s going to take us to the next level. Thought is the product of mental activity; that which one thinks: a body of thought. It is the act of processed thinking. We have to go through a process. Everyday God grants us new mercies and how we continue to live throughout our daily activities is going to determine how we carry out our divine purpose or reach our goals in life.

I’m reminded when I was a little girl, I was walking down the street towards the store and on the way there was a house that all the kids in the neighborhood were afraid to pass by. We called that the weird family. Why, none of the kids really knew, we just heard adults say so. Now, one day I saw one of the kids comes out the house. He looked normal, and I wondered what people were talking about because he seemed alright to me. What I thought was normal. Then one day when I was passing the house I saw the boy playing in the yard and then the door opened. A woman came out wrestling with a child in a wheelchair. He looked like something was mentally wrong with him and it frightened me. I had never seen anyone handicapped before so it was startling to say the least. Back in those days’ individuals that had mental deficiencies when hidden away from normal population because of the rejection and affliction the outside world would give.

I became one of those statistics because from that point on as long as we lived in that neighborhood I was afraid to pass by that house because I thought somehow that it was contagious.

A lot of times we fear what we don’t understand. I felt sorry for the boy playing in the yard because he seemed lonely. I wish I was educated better on situations such as that, but, back in the 60’s we had more fears implanted in our minds than their needed to be.

Our thoughts can damage us and create an opinion of someone that could be very painful to that individual. We think that we have grown as a people from the 60’s to now but it’s not true, we still stereotype and cast opinions on individuals today, not realizing that their very presence on this earth is a gift from God.

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