From the Soul of a Woman - $15.00

From the Soul of a WomanFrom the Soul of a Woman is the personal story of Valorie N. Parker. After surviving a 19 year marriage of domestic violence, she found herself homeless but not hopeless. Valorie shares how she began to rebuild and restructure her life, to reposition herself for greatness not only for herself but her four children. This is a must read book of faith, courage and perseverance.

"We find ourselves created out of love or for love, slipping though the chambers or our mothers’ womb….into the birth canal…. And all of a sudden, we arrive. We don’t know exactly where we are or where we are going but certainly we need affection and love to survive. Love becomes just as important to us as our first breath of life. Love helps us to discover who we are and what our purpose is or shall be. Love gives of itself and is not puffed up. Love covers and carries us through pain and disappointments in our life. Love effects our past, present and future, it is an emotion, a gift given to us from God and it should never hurt"

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