Restored Vessels: Young Adults Overcoming Adversities - $8.95/$12.95

Restored VesselsJust as she has in her first two books, Valorie Parker writes from her heart and incorporates the heartfelt stories of young adults who have faced and overcome personal adversity.

The Soul of a Woman is passionate about reaching out to different aspects of our lives, thus Valorie’s collection would not be complete without a project created especially for teens and young adults. In this collection of stories, contributing writers share from their own perspectives how they were able to turn their traumatic experiences into triumphs, beginning with the story of Valorie’s eldest son, David A. Parker and in the actual book not the e-book a chapter from her youngest daughter Stephanie N. Parker along with the foreword from, Seth Joyner.

David & Stephanie write about growing up in a home wrought with domestic violence and the adversities they had to overcome to become successful individuals. Other contributing authors to this power-packed book include, Omekongo Dibingo, a speaker, author and poet, Star Bobatoon, an attorney, trainer and speaker, and Jacquelyn "Tiffany" Gates-Michael, a wife and young mother.

These compelling stories illustrate the strength of the human spirit and the power the Holy Spirit.

E-book - $8.95 (download)
Book - $12.95 (plus P&H)
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