Consulting/Coaching for permanent transformation is a journey of discovery, determination, growth and results. Allow my experience as a Businesswoman & Certified Life Coach help you, see, and feel the changes in your life in measureable terms. Once you discover your “Why” then you can experience a major breakthrough.

The best results are achieved when coaching is continued for a minimum of 3 months. Each coaching session is individually designed to address your particular life issues and desires. You will have the opportunity to select the time of your Consulting/Coaching sessions over the phone. I specialize in Consulting/Coaching for Speakers & new Authors. Face to Face Consulting/Coaching will incur additional fees based on the need.

Let me help you get started as a Speaker, Author, Business

  1. How do I define my purpose?
  2. How do I define my core message?
  3. How do I put the pieces together?
  4. How can I tell my story and begin a career helping others?
  5. How do I get whats in my head on paper & into the atmosphere?
  6. How do I create and sell product?
  7. How do I brand myself/product/business?
  8. How do I get exposure?
  9. How do I create events?

"Allow me and my team to help you work through the process of forfilling your dream to save you time and money"

1 session 60 minutes $250. Click here to register.
7 sessions 60 minutes each $1500.00. Click here to register.
(can be over 3 month term)